Monday, June 3, 2013

Eli's Baptism Day

It was finally Eli's turn to be baptized!  He was pretty nervous and excited for this day to come.  The morning of, he was shaking as I was getting him ready, so I asked him if he was scared.  He told me that he was just excited for this big day.  He took it very seriously and we couldn't be more proud of our little man.

Eli is such a good kid!  He has the funniest personality and has lots and lots of friends.  In fact, he's a bit of a class clown and has to be told to settle down quite often (SO different from my girls!)  He idolizes his older boy cousins, and they love him even though he is so much younger then them.  Eight years old is a fun age!  They want to be grown up but still love being a kid.  Eli still has to give me kisses before he goes to bed (which melts my heart every night).  He tried out for club soccer this year and made a team, so he's really excited about that.  We're hoping he will enjoy it!!!

Happy birthday, Eli!  Mom and Dad are so proud of the choices that you are making in your young life!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter this year in our new house.  We are loving every minute we get to spend here and have felt very welcome in our new neighborhood. We are definitely looking forward to getting our yard in, but that comes with building a new house!

The boys!  A handsome bunch :)

Lucy wanted to be in the girl's picture pretty bad!  She wiggled her way under our legs!

I love my husband more and more each day.  He is an amazing person and I am so lucky to have him!

Gracie got a longboard, so naturally she had to ride it in a dress!

We gave Eli this nerf bow and arrow and he has yet to put it down!  He is ALL boy!

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Grace ....

Today she is 11.  I cannot believe how grown up she has become.  She is a typical middle child who doesn't demand very much attention and tries to stand out from the crowd.  From day one, she has been herself and knows what she wants and what she doesn't want.  She worries us all because she barely eats a thing, unless it has sugar in it.  She is obsessed with animals.  She has anxiety over many things.  She loves to ride horses.  She loves her little brothers and she looks up to her big sister.  I couldn't imagine this family without her.  She makes our daily lives more fun because of who she is.  My sister is better with words than I am - Click Here.  You will see why we all love this beautiful girl so much after you read Sydnee's post about Grace.

Happy birthday, Sweet Girl.  You are truly one of a kind!  I love you.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall On The Lake

We live in a beautiful part of our city.  For 2 years, this was the view out my back window.  While I was pregnant with Brock, I would literally spend hours sitting on the couch just watching the lake.  We have since moved down the road a bit and I don't have this gorgeous view from my window, but we drive by it every time we come in or out of our neighborhood. Every time I see the marina, a part of me is home.  With our upcoming move to a different part of our city, I won't be passing the marina every day.  We will still have a view of the lake, but from further up on the mountain.  I wanted to get some photos of this spot before we moved and the weather gets too bad.  I don't have the best wide angle lens, so the photos aren't what I had envisioned them to be, but I still love them.  Of course, my budding photographer, Emma, wanted to come along too.  So I thought it would be fun to let her use my other camera and my macro lens to see what she captured.  I am so excited with her pictures.  This girl has some talent!

While I was shooting this:

Emma was shooting this:

She also shot these:

I am so excited how she was able to get me in focus, which would not have been an easy thing to do!

In the photography class that I just taught her yearbook class, I talked to them about having a focal point.  I love how she was able to establish focal point by centering the green leaf among the pink branches.  Turned out gorgeous!

This one is probably my favorite.  I don't even know what it is and I didn't see anything like it at the Lake, but it so pretty and interesting to look at.  Emma has such a good eye for textures and colors.


Emma is taking guitar this year at her school.  She is having a lot of fun practicing and playing her guitar.  They had a concert the other night for the parents to see what they've learned.  She looks so adorable with her guitar :)

Emma's best friend, Nicole, is also in the class.  Actually, I think Emma and Nicole have every class together!  That's one of those privileges you get when you go to a small charter school. . .

Cute girls!

And yes, I am one of those paparazzi moms who does what it takes to get the shot!  On the first photo, I was literally on the stage in order to get that close (ok the concert hadn't started yet!!)  The second shot, I followed them out to the hall and told them to stop so I could get a picture.  I missed the next performance, but I got a cute picture of the girls :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Camping

This last weekend, we finally had some free time to take the kids camping!  It is so much work, but worth it in the end to see how happy it makes our kids.  We camped up at Payson Lakes which was absolutely gorgeous with all the fall colors.  As any mother can understand, after packing up the entire car by myself, I forgot to pack my camera!!!  Emma had her iPod with her, so she took a bunch of Instagram photos for us - which are always fun!  So here is a collage of Emma's photos ...

Monday, September 10, 2012


We took the kids up Provo Canyon this weekend to get some Fall photos of them.  I really don't do formal photos too often any more.  I really just enjoy taking candid shots!  But Emma really likes her photos taken so she talked us into it.  None of my other children were behaving very well, so it was tough!  I did manage to capture these 3 gorgeous shots of Emma.  It's still hard for me to comprehend the fact that she's 13 and in 8th grade!  She is a joy to have in our family.  I feel blessed every day to have her as my oldest.  She's loving and kind and responsible.  Her favorite thing is (still) to be right by my side!  Every mother would be lucky to have a daughter like my Emma ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One more day

My kids have 1 day left of summer.  I cannot believe how fast it's gone by.  We started the summer by going on vacation to Disneyland, so the rest of the summer was pretty lazy.  It's been difficult, to say the least, to work from home when there are FOUR children at home too.  Emma was a big help with Brock and did whatever he needed her to do.  It's going to be hard to not have her home on the days I work now!  We've spent the majority of the summer looking at houses and floorplans and lots etc. etc. etc. It's getting close to the time for us to be ready to buy our own house again.  It's been exciting, exhausting, confusing, etc. etc. etc!  Hopefully we'll be able to announce some good new soon (fingers crossed!).  

Here are my favorite photos from the past month:

Sydnee bought Eli a hat (which he wears EVERY day) but Brock fights him to wear it too.  This was captured during a rare moment when Eli actually let Brock have his way!

Paul's brother, Scott and his wife had a new baby girl this July.  We took a trip up to Idaho to meet our new little niece and for her blessing.  She is beautiful and we're so happy to have her in our family!  This is a photo of Brock and his cousin, Ava.  I love the looks on their faces!

Brock and his two cousins

Paul's Grandma and our sweet little niece.  Grandma hates having her photo taken, so this was the best smile I have ever gotten out of her.  Isn't it a beautiful photo?

And Brock played the iPad ....

Brock loves the trampoline and begs his brother and sisters to jump with him.  He's talking pretty good (well I usually know what he's saying!)  We laugh when we watch him jump - this child has no fear.  He looks like a rag doll out there just throwing himself around!  It's hilarious!

And yes, he's sticking his tongue out at me.  You can always tell the children that have older siblings!  They pick up on everything!  One day, Brock started running around the house yelling, "war, war, war"  and then he fell to the floor and said he'd died.  I would have FREAKED out if Emma or Grace had done this at the age of 2 - thinking that they were screwed up for life!  But we all thought it was hilarious and now Brock does it all the time!  He even has his "dead" look where he rolls his eyes and sticks his tongue out the side of his mouth.  Lovely.

Emma went to Girls' Camp in July, so on one of the days, I took the other kids and a couple neighbor kids to the zoo.  The best part was the polar bear - Brock probably would have stood there all day watching the polar bear swim.  It really was beautiful.

While at the zoo, we watched a little reptile show.  At the end, they brought out this HUGE snake.  Brock started pushing other kids aside because he wanted to pet the snake.  It's really not good that he has no fear!

And Sydnee babysat ...

We had a family reunion at my Uncle Steve's house.  We usually have it for just my Grandma and Grandpa and their descendants, but this year, the extended family was invited as well.  
We all really enjoyed being together.

My Grandparents - LOVE

The highlight for me was seeing a couple of my oldest friends, Sage and Cody at the reunion.  We hadn't seen each other in years.  It was so good to catch up.  They both look amazing!

...and Brock played the iPad...

Our niece, Joey, came and stayed with us for a few days.  Gracie and Joey have so much fun together.  The girls' horseback riding teacher let Joey join them for a day.  It was the first time Joey had ever ridden a horse so it was fun to watch her!

another photo of Brock (at least he's not playing the iPad!)