Monday, June 3, 2013

Eli's Baptism Day

It was finally Eli's turn to be baptized!  He was pretty nervous and excited for this day to come.  The morning of, he was shaking as I was getting him ready, so I asked him if he was scared.  He told me that he was just excited for this big day.  He took it very seriously and we couldn't be more proud of our little man.

Eli is such a good kid!  He has the funniest personality and has lots and lots of friends.  In fact, he's a bit of a class clown and has to be told to settle down quite often (SO different from my girls!)  He idolizes his older boy cousins, and they love him even though he is so much younger then them.  Eight years old is a fun age!  They want to be grown up but still love being a kid.  Eli still has to give me kisses before he goes to bed (which melts my heart every night).  He tried out for club soccer this year and made a team, so he's really excited about that.  We're hoping he will enjoy it!!!

Happy birthday, Eli!  Mom and Dad are so proud of the choices that you are making in your young life!

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